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Hi, my name is Filip Miletic.
Best way to contact me is via email.
Here you can take a look at my CV.


I am currently student at Faculty of Organisational Science -- Information Systems and Technology, at University of Belgrade. Previously I've dropped out of Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where I've studied electronics and EE for 2 years.

I am mostly interested in lower level programming, but I am always learning about everything I find interesting. So I've been learning about computers all the way down how ICs and discrete circuits were made, all the way up to JS and some web stuff. Although I didn't do much of web programming, I got some experience behind my back.

Things that interest me the most in terms of Computer Science and Software Engineering in general are low level programming (graphics and GPGPU, operating systems), functional programming (lisp), and distributed systems (DevOps). I've been doing some light game development but just for the sake of learning, since I consider it great learning ground for integrating various different fields of programming.

Currently I am mostly writing C, C++ (sometimes JAVA when I do projects for faculty), Clojure (I've been learning it for some time, previously I've been introduced to functional programming with Scheme), and Rust.

I am doing all my programming, writing and most of my reading in Emacs. I just got so comfortable with the whole environment that I don't see myself changing to anything else for the rest of my life. I've been using Vi for few years before I switched to Emacs, since I am UNIX guy. Interest in operating systems always kept me exploring various modern UNIX representations. My favourite operating systems are SmartOS and OpenBSD. I use Linux only when I absolutely have to, since I've found that those two systems I mentioned previously fit my needs and tastes much better.


On non-CS related stuff I enjoy reading and listening/playing music. I am DJ and vinyl enthusiast. I love animals and hanging out in nature. When weather is nice I enjoy skating.